Industry insights into USA water management

Why information is power when it comes to managing agricultural water resources in the western United States.


Download the white paper A fortune in every drop to learn about:

  • How reduced water availability affects economic opportunities for farmers and ranchers
  • How stakeholders can learn from New Zealand’s experience
  • How farmers and ranchers can take the lead to better manage water.

This is the second in the DataCol Insight white paper series for the USA.

Download the white paper

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Extracts from the white paper

Over the past five years, New Zealand farmers have been measuring every drop of water being put on their farms. The most advanced farmers and ranchers are using water information along with other farm inputs such as soil moisture, electricity usage and weather patterns to create predictive models that help them answer the questions – “when do I need to water?” and “how much do I need?”
Knowing that fine line of using just the right amount of water allowed crop farmers to maximize yield from economically valuable crops while keeping costs low.