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FC300 sunsetting putting you between a rock and a hard place?

For utilities contemplating the end of support for Itron FC300 handhelds, while preparing to respond to the Power of Choice reforms, can feel like they are being forced to make technology strategy decisions. There are less risky migration paths available.

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Future pathway for FC300 users opens

It is an opportunity to ‘take a step back’ and re-evaluate meter data collection and management strategies with the influence that IoT is likely to have on smart metering deployments. Potentially with a greater range of technologies and at a lower cost, it might be prudent to see how the technology evolves and the benefits it could provide before joining the ‘bandwagon’ of mass deployments with technology that may or may not be fit for purpose.

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DataCol announces SevenX Cloud 

A new pricing plan that caters to all ends of the market. If you are a smaller utility company or council with around 50,000 connections, this is for you.

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The Numbers Don't Lie

Number of properties serviced by Sydney Water
Reduction in the cost of meter reading services for Sydney Water
Trustpower's attainment rate after adopting SevenX

Sydney Water’s X-Factor

Slashing meter reading costs while improving efficiency and quality outcomes of meter data collection has been the result of Australia’s largest water utility adopting DataCol’s SevenX.

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TrustPower – improving manual meter reading

Renowned for their customer-focussed approach, Trustpower wanted to increase time-on-route for their meter readers, and equip them with commodity-priced handhelds, without compromising the company’s excellent customer service reputation. 

See the full case study here.


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