A white paper for
Australian electricity utilities

Options available to stakeholders considering the future of smart data collection.


Download the white paper The long road to AMI (and alternative routes to get there) to learn about:

  • Locking down the AMI cost-benefit equation.
  • Absence of perceptible benefits to end consumers.
  • Challenges for utilities.
  • A smart approach to meter data collection.

This is the first in the DataCol Insight white paper series.

Download the white paper


Extracts from the white paper

"The rapid advances in computing power, data management and communications bandwidth as well as the considerable reduction on the cost of each, has resulted in the Internet of Things (IoT) presenting a potential to transform grid resilience and efficiency." 
"Rapid technology lifecycles are making business planning for utilities and metering providers even harder. Current strategies for AMI rollouts run the risk of getting caught in a technology cul-de-sac in a few years’ time due to the advent of newer technologies providing similar benefits, faster and cheaper."