A white paper for
Australian water utilities and councils

Smart approaches to managing Australia’s freshwater resources for domestic consumption.


Download the white paper Managing what you measure to learn about:

  • Where there is an alternative to constant investment in water infrastructure
  • What smart strategies exist to reduce capital investment requirements
  • How partnering with experts lowers your technical and business risk when implementing metering

This is the second in the DataCol Insight white paper series.

Download the white paper

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Extracts from the white paper

In areas like Coober Pedy the value proposition of metering and measuring water consumption is clear. Tracking water transmission, use and discharge throughout the water supply network has a positive double-whammy effect. Less water is lost, less water is treated for consumption, and less effluent needs processing – resulting in decreased pressure on the network assets and decreased costs of operations for the water utility.
The variety of needs and motivations behind rolling out smart meters can be met, without the upfront costs involving expensive devices and the increased ongoing operational costs of maintaining a utility owned network.