A white paper for
Australian electricity utilities 

The opening up of energy metering services in Australia and what challenges and opportunities that presents for the industry.


Download the white paper Unleashing innovation to learn about:

  • How the sector can learn from New Zealand and the experiences and teething issues utilities went through
  • Why it's better to innovate around improving the customer experience
  • The risks of getting stuck in a particular technology pathway

This is the second in the electricity sector DataCol Insight white paper series.

Download the white paper


Extracts from the white paper

Strategically TrustPower have monitored the smart metering roll out in New Zealand, but have not rushed to adoption, not convinced that value proposition was strong enough for all of its customers.
New Zealand has highlighted it is not all about hands-off smart metering. It’s about focussing on the customer and provider need and applying a solution that suits. Having a flexible meter data collection approach is a key to risk reduction.