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City of Hobart Council takes parking management into digital age

by A D Riley, on Aug 13, 2019 2:27:27 PM


Out with the old, in with the new - that was what the City of Hobart Council in Tasmania were thinking when they decided to modernise their parking management. They had been using the same technology for over 18 years, so when the time came to replace the City's parking meters, the decision was made to harness new technology to bring the whole department into the modern era.

"We needed to upgrade and move with the times," said Matthew Tyrell, Group Manager Parking Operations. "Customers wanted different payment options, and our staff needed a better way of managing and enforcing parking. We wanted a system that would use smartphones, one that had a lot more intelligence."

With that in mind, Matt decided to research fully integrated parking systems, and Arthur D. Riley's TicketOr 2 solution appeared on their radar. It's a SaaS (Software as a Service) parking enforcement solution that allows organisations to remotely store and access data such as ticket data, pictures and diagrams. Data is centrally stored on the ADR servers, so the organisation doesn't need to allow for any data storage or maintenance. It works on multiple platforms, including smartphones - an essential feature for the City of Hobart Council.

A new case study outlines the process that Matt and his team went through to implement a fully integrated solution that was built around TicketOr 2. It went live mid-2018, and immediately benefitted the parking officers of the City of Hobart Council, because of its ease-of-use, the amount of time it saves, its intuitiveness, intelligence and accuracy.

The case study also looks at the Council's future plans for TicketOr 2, such as adapting enhancements that ADR make to the solution for their parking management. It also outlines the positive reaction Council staff have had towards the new solution – the new technology is interesting, fun to use and is making their working lives much easier.

"ADR have obviously listened to enforcement agencies when they designed TicketOr 2," Matt explains. "It's obvious to me that they've done a lot of research when developing the solution, so that it's a really usable system that doesn't have components that are just there for show."

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