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Powerlink Load Management Suite

Powerlink Load Management Suite

The Powerlink Energy Load Management System (LMS) consists of a software suite that runs at a Powerlink SCADA Master and controls the total system load by issuing shed or restore commands to the Injection Control plant at the points of injection. Metering pulses are collected from the Points Of Supply (POS) and returned to the LMS where it determines any shed or restores response. Powerlink LMS is a proven system widely used throughout New Zealand by Lines and Energy companies.

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Pump Station Controller Program suite

A Swampfox RTU based Automatic Pump Control program suite with; support for 1-4 pumps in either duty-assist or duty-standby configurations; automatic duty-pump change-over; remote pump control and set point setting; derived inflow and outflow rate calculations; data logging configured.

  • Maximise the use and processing power of your Swampfox RTU.
  • Save the cost of installing a separate Pump Controller.
  • Save the cost of a flow meter installation by calculating the inflow from the good rise rate.
  • Minimise the cost of the well level transducer required.

Powerlink Hot Standby Backup SCADA Software

Powerlink Hot Standby Backup SCADA Software

Powerlink is Abbey Systems' Telemetry Server software and is supplied bundled with Aspex into six different packages:

  • Aspex Full  - 100 RTU addresses, 500 programs.

  • Aspex Standard  - 100 RTU addresses, 250 programs.

  • Aspex Lite  - 25 RTU addresses, 100 programs.

  • Aspex Superlite - 7 RTU addresses, 25 programs.

  • Aspex Local Operator  - 1 RTU, trends, programs & reports. No alarm system.

HVDC Power - Fast Reaction Emergency Dump System

HVDC Power - Fast Reaction Emergency Dump System

With the upgrading of the Cook Strait HVDC cable, Abbey Systems won the contract to provide a Fast Reaction Emergency Dump system to protect the southern-based generation.  The system is designed to shed load in the North Island if a fault develops within the cable. A load shedding initiation command would be broadcast to all interruptible load consumers within 0.5 second of detection of a fault in the cable. Loads in the North Island will be shed automatically in accordance with the severity of the fault, local consumers' conditions and the specific shedding configurations prescribed by the Control System Operator.

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