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Leak & Pipe Detection

stethophon 4

Stethophon 04

The Stethophon® 04 detects and amplifies structure-borne noise of all types. Even very low levels of noise can be reproduced without distortion. Our selection of Leak Kits include all the necessities, from LCD display, high-quality microphone and electronics, 8 filter levels, soft carry bag, M6 test top, and AC DC adaptor, plus low-cost solutions for Water Authorities and Councils. 

Stethophon® 04 Water Leak Kit (Corded Headphone Version)
The Stethophon 04 Water leak Kit also comes with Sewerin K3 corded headphones. 

Stethophon® 04 SDR Water Leak Kit (Cordless Headphone Version)
Switch out the corded headphones for the HD F8 SDR cordless headphones for clear cordless sound and an enjoyable working environment. 

Stethophon® 04 SDR Plumbers Kit (Cordless Headphone Version)
Advance to the largest kit, which includes the SDR cordless headphones, plus an EM35 Ground Microphone and resonating plate. 


VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas

Developed especially for leak detection on underground pipes by using tracer gas. It is characterised by an outstanding price to performance ratio.

Using tracer gas is a tried and tested method of pinpointing leaks. It can be used in gas and water distribution networks, pipelines in buildings, heating systems, pressurised communication cables, gas-filled high voltage power lines and landfill sites sealed with double membrane layers. It can also be used to test for leaks in industrial products such as pipes, pumps, engine blocks and airfoils.

Variotec VT460 (H2) Professional Kit
All accessories included in the once case, and perfect for Professional Plumbers and leak contractors. 

Variotec VT - HS Series Gas Warning Devices
Large range of Specialised Gas Warning Devices, ideal for specialist Gas Warning.


Aquatest T10

The AquaTest T10 is a test rod with innovative technology and ergonomic design. Its strengths lie in the prelocation of leaks in water pipe networks. The AquaTest T10 is the first test rod from SEWERIN for which no additional receiver is necessary.

Listening to the noises is activated not by the usual key but by a special sensor field. The visualisation of the noises that are picked up is delivered to a display incorporated in the handle. In the product variant with the SDR radio module, the test rod can be used with the radio headphones.

Aquatest T10 Listening Stick Kit (Corded Headphones)
LCD Display, 8 preset filter stages, high dynamic superior microphone technology, heavy duty design for everyday use, F8 cordless headphones with SDR technology and soft carry case with foam insert, M10 test tip & AC/DC Adaptor.

Aquatest T10 SDR Professional Kit (Cordless Headphones) 
Everything from the Listening Stick Kit, plus an M10 tripod adaptor to convert to ground microphone.

Aquatest T10 Professional Ground Microphone Combo Kit
Everything from the SDR Professional Kit, plus an RP10 Wind Protection Resonance Plate.



Leak detection by correlation involves locating the leak with the help of a calculator. The noise emitted by a leak reaches two measuring points at different times.

Electro-acoustic water leak detection involves identifying the general area of the leak with the test rod as a preliminary step and then locating its exact position with the ground microphone. Using the ground microphone at regular intervals enables the leak to be located with sufficient accuracy for confident excavation. the SeCorrPhon AC 06 displays a precise optical comparison of the noise intensities.

Aquaphon A50, A150, A200 Kits

Aquaphon A50, A150, A200 Kits

The Aquaphon kits are ideal for leak detection. By utilising specialised acoustic technology, this equipment locates water leaks by picking up vibrations transmitted by piping systems. This 'noise' is heard by the Aquaphon ground microphones and the digital value for noise is displayed on the LCD screen. The difference in intensities of sound as you move along the pipeline will sufficiently pin point the location of the leak. These come in entry level kits or professional levels for plumbers who wish to move into leak detection full time.

Noise Loggers SePem ®

Noise Loggers

The SePem® system comprises the SePem Master receiver as well as any number of data loggers; the SePem® 100s are preferable for mobile use whereas the SePem® 150s are designed for permanent use. They are magnetically attached to valve rod extensions, or to hydrants or other fittings in the pipe network. The microphone integrated in the logger converts the structure-borne noise in the line to a sound signal. This is cyclically recorded during times of low consumption – usually during the night between approx. 2:00 am and 4:00 am, when there is very little sound interference in the surrounding area, if any. On a leak-free line the noise level measured during this time is virtually zero. If there is a leak in the pipeline, the noise logger will measure values much different to zero, thus indicating a leak.

Pipe & Metal Locators UT9000 set

Pipe & Metal Locators

To accurately locate water pipes trace cables and to avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the precise position of all utility services. Often the exact position of pipes and cables is unknown due to innaccurate or non-existent network plans.

We offer a range of metal and non metallic locating devices designed to locate small and largewater mains , from the Sewerin Combiphone striker technology to the Sewerin UTILITRAC UT9000 PROFESSIONAL 12-WATT CABLE.

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