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Indoor Outdoor Voltage Transformers

Indoor / Outdoor Voltage Transformers

Our outdoor voltage transformers can be made using two different processes:

  • Metallised resin with an insulator in cycloaliphatic resin.

  • Completely moulded in cycloaliphatic resin.

The following two versions complete the range :

  • Metallised VTs with a plug for connection of insulated cable.

  • VTs which are specially designed for mounting on roof of locomotives.

Indoor Outdoor Current Transformers

Indoor / Outdoor Current Transformers

Our outdoor current transformers can be broken down into the following three ranges:

  • 24kV range

  • 36kV range

  • 52kV range

All these units are made using the same process: casting in one epoxy resin piece, which is highly resistant to vibration while being compact and lightweight.

Our outdoor units require no particular maintenance.

The different types in each range provide a great choice for the creepage distance according to the pollution level required.

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