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Water Meters

Inline Water Meters

  • Typically most water consents will have an ultrasonic inline meter fitted to their consent take.

  • Meters range from 65mm – 500mm in diameter.

  • Offer a range of meters from vendors like: Siemens, Kronhe, ABB

  • Highly reliable and accurate.

  • Mains power, battery power or solar power options available.

  • Verification required by National Environmental Standards every 5 years.

  • Prewired and checked to Watermetrics logger.

  • Can be used to monitor effluent flows.

Insertion Water Meters

  • Lower purchase costs.

  • Lower installation costs.

  • Typically in the medium range of pipe sizes (80mm – 200mm).

  • Ideal for on farm sub-metering – e.g. pivots.

  • Easier to service if required – easy to remove and replace.

  • Can be tuned for specific pipe and flow rates.

Small Bore Water Meters

  • Typically for stock tank or washdown water.

  • 20mm – 50mm.

  • Low price and low installation costs.

  • More costly in the long run, annual verifications more prone to breaking down and wearing out (replacement equipment required).

  • Accuracy tends to deviate over time.

  • Can be interfered with by magnetics – less secure.

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