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Thinxtra Case Study

A case study on why IoT water metering makes sense, even in remote New Zealand. 

After only a few weeks, ADR had gained some interesting insights that they could share with the CCC. A large percentage of the available water was being leaked, but the solution enabled them to identify the causes and reduce the amount of leakage - and continue to do so.

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City of Hobart Council Case Study

TicketOr2 moves the City of Hobart Council into the modern era.

Upgrading to the latest technology has meant improvements not only in the working lives of the parking officers, but in the quality and accuracy of the data generated by the ADR’s parking solution. It’s adaptable and fits in with the other components of the overall solution.

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Wellington City Council case study

Harnessing New Technology To Bring Parking Services Back In-house

Because TicketOr 2 is so adaptable, it’s been a continual work in progress for WCC. As they come up with new ideas, ADR are able to tailor the TicketOr 2 solution to fit those ideas and continually evolve.

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