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City of Launceston Parking Enforcement Case Study

How ADR's Smart City Parking Solution streamlined Launceston's parking enforcement processes

The Smart City parking solution by Arthur D. Riley (ADR) offered the City of Launceston Parking Enforcement team a more comprehensive and modern tool to manage all areas of their parking enforcement needs.

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Long-standing commercial ADR customer makes the smart move

Installation of smart meters provides major supplier with insight into customer water use

A non-profit organisation in the water and wastewater industry, with over 500,000 connections, made the decision to install 4,000 smart meters across Auckland as part of their commitment to improving the services they offer their commercial high-use customers.

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Electromagnetic Water Meter offers high performance

Delivering high-accuracy, reliability and low lifetime cost in a unique environment

The Q4000 from Honeywell Smart Energy is a high-performing electromagnetic meter.

The Q4000’s extremely tough stainless steel construction ensures a long working life, while its lightweight body makes storage, transportation and installation both simpler and safer.

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City of Kingston e-Permit System Case Study

A digital system providing efficiencies and cost savings

ADR's e-Permit system has provided the City of Kingston with a functional internal system to manage parking permits and has helped to reduce the administrative costs of managing multiple disparate systems at once. It has also provided options for residents to manage their permits, supporting council’s shift towards digitising processes without neglecting the residents who prefer physical copies.

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City of Vincent

City of Vincent Virtual Permit System Case Study

A digital system providing efficiencies and cost savings

The ADR Virtual Permit Solution has provided the City of Vincent Council with a reliable source of permit data; Making identifying permit permissions easier and reducing the associated administrative challenges and costs the Council was facing.

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Watermetrics and Ness Brothers case study

Major efficiency gains for irrigation

Since the sensors have been implemented, Matt and his brothers have seen major efficiency gains around their water use. This is crucial during hot summers – as 2019/2020 has been – because they can use the data from the probes to conserve water where possible and avoid over-irrigation. 

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Rotorua District Council Case Study

Rotorua Lakes Council Case Study

No bull in water meter reading for Rotorua Lakes Council

Daily remote reads from internet-connected meters have improved the billing process at Council. This is primarily due to the improved accuracy of the readings, as well as immediate leakage alerts, meaning the problem can be resolved much faster.

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Thinxtra Case Study

A case study on why IoT water metering makes sense, even in remote New Zealand. 

After only a few weeks, ADR had gained some interesting insights that they could share with the CCC. A large percentage of the available water was being leaked, but the solution enabled them to identify the causes and reduce the amount of leakage - and continue to do so.

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Wellington Water case study

Innovative technology, cost-effective solution.

Wellington Water have been able to increase their service levels to their customers by being able to detect issues before they become problematic.


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Wellington City Council case study

Harnessing New Technology To Bring Parking Services Back In-house

Because TicketOr 2 is so adaptable, it’s been a continual work in progress for WCC. As they come up with new ideas, ADR are able to tailor the TicketOr 2 solution to fit those ideas and continually evolve.

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Bangladesh Power Development Case Study

Bangladesh Power Development Board Chittagong 33/11kV Distribution SCADA System

The system was installed by local Bangladeshi Engineers with the guidance of Abbey Systems, Facility Management Services, Totaltel Pty. Ltd & BPDB over a 2 year period.

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Rotorua District Council Case Study

Abbey systems SCADA system & Swampfox RTUs standardise Rotorua’s wastewater control and alarm system.

Abbey Systems installed a complete SCADA system comprising Telemetry Server and 3 repeater radio network to communicate with each wastewater pump station. 

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Fiji Water Authority

Fiji Water Authority case study

Automation the way forward for meter reading.

WAF immediately noticed a significant reduction in reading errors as well as increased efficiencies from the automation. They’re also saving on time and money, and have been embraced by the staff using the handheld devices.

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City of Hobart Council Case Study

TicketOr2 moves the City of Hobart Council into the modern era.

Upgrading to the latest technology has meant improvements not only in the working lives of the parking officers, but in the quality and accuracy of the data generated by the ADR’s parking solution. It’s adaptable and fits in with the other components of the overall solution.

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