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Swampfox RTU – Pump Station & Reservoir Controller

Swampfox RTU – Pump Station & Reservoir Controller

Abbey Systems Swampfox is an integrated RTU, designed as a "single box solution" to simplify installation and maintenance for water and wastewater pumping stations and small Treatment Plants.

Swampfox contains a 32bit CPU with Ethernet and serial ports, I/O card + analog loop supply, internal radio or external radio interface, PSU and internal 2500mA/Hr NiMH battery.  

Topcat RTU – Feeder Line Automation

Topcat RTU – Feeder Line Automation

Feeder Line Automation Remote Terminal Units

Power industry feeder line automation RTUs with high levels of electrical isolation and relay outputs for Ring Main Units, Switches, Voltage Regulators and small substation telemetry applications.

Powercat RTU – Substation Monitoring & Control

Powercat RTU – Substation Monitoring & Control

Powercat is an Industrial modular RTU designed specifically for Electrical Power Distribution substation applications with Opto Isolated Digital Inputs and Relay Outputs providing high levels of isolation.  

Powercat RTU flexibly fits into existing SCADA systems with ease, collecting and concentrating data from Energy meters, Protection Relays, Transformer Relays, PLCs & PSUs, including Discrete connected I/O returning it to the SCADA Master or for internal logic control.

Timesync GPS Specifications      Timesync Install Guide      Powercat Specifications       Powercat Installation Guide        Powerlink RTU Installation Guide

EPL - Ripple Injection Controller

From the control icon on the operator’s screen through to the switch controlling the consumer’s appliance, Enermet offers a complete solution for economical and reliable demand-side management. EPL, mapping from the SCADA protocol address space to the address space of the ripple control system, is the key to system integration.

ScadaGateway cc

SCADA Gateways – IP to Radio communications interfaces

SCADA Gateways provide a communications interface between the SCADA Master PC and the radios communicating with remotes (RTUs) in the field. Abbey Systems SCADA Gateways replace the discontinued older Modulink System Controllers and Master Communicators previously used for this task and now use IP instead of a serial connection to the PCs. Two different SCADA Gateway models are available depending on whether single or multiple radio channels are involved.

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