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Farming and Agriculture

Being able to monitor and manage water and other natural resources is a key to the future of many industry sectors, particularly farming and agriculture. Soil moisture and temperature, effluent management, weather variables and so on are all becoming increasingly important factors to measure.

ADR helps organisations and individuals improve their water usage efficiency and effluent output through the provision of monitoring tools and services. We will work with you to create a platform that you can continue to build on to make you a smarter and more efficient operator; saving you precious time and resources. Our solutions are highly reliable, industry compliant, easy-to-use and are backed with proven support.

As well as irrigation advice and solutions, ADR offer meter reading and data acquisition solutions, utility water equipment, water meter testing and water management advisory services.

Why you can trust ADR



We are enduring

ADR have been around for 100 years and are locally owned and operated.


We have a reputation for excellence

Product quality is high and we continue to invest in innovation.


We make it easy

We offer outstanding support, from knowledgeable, personable and responsive people.

Suggested products


Monitoring tools and services for water use efficiency and effluent output.

Meter Data Acquisition

AMR, smart metering and IoT based solutions.

Meter Reading

Software for managing field force logistics, manual data collection through to AMR.

Utility Water Equipment

Broad range of metering products, data loggers and support services.

Water Meter Testing

Testing and calibration of water meters to meet New Zealand standards.

Water Services

Leak detection services based on the latest technology.

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