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Simplifying Permit Management with Virtual Permit Systems

Regional Councils and authoritative bodies are selecting ADR's Virtual Permit System because it simplifies and reduces the processes and costs involved in permit management.

Traditional and manual methods of permit management are time-consuming and costly, often requiring the double handling of data which can lead to mistakes. ADR's Virtual Permit System eradicates human error by consolidating permit data into a single system. Its seamless virtual data transfer means your team will be able to identify and trust the permit data received in real-time.

With all permit data in one system, your team will be able to accurately identify permit owners, permit types and infringement notices. ADR's Virtual Permit System makes it simple for both employees and residents to find the permit information they need to handle permit-related tasks fast.

Simplifying Permit Management with Virtual Permit Systems


Advanced Management Technology

ADR's Virtual Permit Solution is available to customers through a responsive web page design. Used in conjunction with ADR's Enforcement Solution, ADR's Virtual Permit solution seamlessly integrates with an organisation's parking management infrastructure, providing enforcement authorities with an easy to manage permit solution and end-users a simplified experience.

Specific benefits include:

  • Complete digital transparency
  • Reduced administrative costs and mistakes
  • Flexible permit options
  • Ease of use and management
  • Increased customer experience

ADR's Virtual Permit SolutionSolution Overview

The ADR Virtual Permit System is the ideal permit management solution for those authoritative bodies looking to advance and streamline their internal permit management practices and simultaneously simplify and heighten their residents’ permit management experience.

With real-time data for both administrators and end-users, the ADR Virtual Permit solution offers a reliable overview of permit data to both administrators, enforcers and residents.

Key customers

Wellington City Council
City of kingston

Key Functions

The ADR Virtual Permit System is available to all customers through a responsive web page. All internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and Windows PCs can access the system with ease.

Both credit card and account to account transactions are available for permit renewals. Credit and account payments are facilitated using DPS.

Seamless System Integration

The ADR Virtual Permit solution can be fully integrated into the ADR Enforcement Solution (TicketOr2) to provide organisations with a central system to manage all customer parking and permit data.

By consolidating all user data into a single system, authoritative bodies can streamline their management and administrative practices to reduce costs and minimise mistakes.

Having a single user interface for multiple enforcement and permit management tasks will not only advance your internal processing capacity but increase user satisfaction across the board.  

Real-Time Data Transfer

ADR's Virtual Permit Solution provides both administrative professionals and infringement officers real-time data regardless of location.

Using the Virtual Permit System, administrators and enforcement officers can instantly identify a resident's permit status - even if they have just renewed or purchased a new permit. This instant data transfer capability directly combats the unnecessary delay in traditional permit management systems, preventing incorrect infringement notices being issued, and the subsequent delays and costs involved in resolving them.

Full Cycle Permit Management

Full end-to-end permit management makes resident permit management easy. This feature not only allows users to manage multiple permit types in one system but provides users with the flexibility to manage their permit restrictions more efficiently. For example, On-Street Parking Permits can be issued to a resident, but a resident could own and use multiple cars.

The ADR Virtual Permit System resolves this issue by allowing users to switch vehicle license plate registrations to and from their permits as needed - data which is instantaneously updated to the back end of the organisation that issued it.

This simple drag and drop feature makes permit management easier for the end user and also provides a fool-proof, technical solution to resolve the lost and stolen permit problems associated with traditional paper methods of permit management.

Advanced User Interface

Constructed with the end-users in mind, the ADR Virtual Permit Solution makes use easy for both administrators and end users. Built to be used online, the fully responsive web page design allows users to access the information they need, regardless of device.

Full web page management and responsive design are met with unique drag and drop features and advanced license plate management options to ensure the user experience is straightforward and enjoyable.



Our offer is a generic product that can be customised with “landing pages” customised to meet council requirements.

The product is designed with the vision to enhance the customer experience. Specifically Pay by Plate, Pay by Space / Area and Casual Parking.

Organisation fleet management

PayMyPark comes fully ready for organisations management. Through this any company can setup an account and manage all their vehicle fleet’s parking. Full account reconciliation and management supplied. 

Dual Permit Management

Dual permit management is a flexible solution to migrate to a virtual system over time. The ADR Virtual Permit System offers this functionality to allow authoritative bodies to offer multiple permit options to their customers at once. This functionality is ideal to transition administrators and end-users to the virtual platform without overwhelming those who prefer traditional methods.

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