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    Farm Management Systems

    Farm Management Systems

    With all farming operations coming under the microscope – gather your information so you can make informed decisions before you have to.

    On farm sensors display your data using your phone, tablet or computer. Data is updated in near real time (captured every 15min) to show the state of your on-farm sensors giving you the ability to make decisions around the use of on farm resources (water / electricity / solar / rainfall / soil moisture and temperature). The sensor management system can be configured to provide alerts based on criteria specific to your farm and operations- straight to your email inbox or via smartphone alerts.

    Scalability for Small and Large Farms

    Scalability for Small and Large Farms

    Our solutions are scalable to suit a range of farming operations. Leverage our experience with niche farming operations through to corporates spanning national geographical boundaries.

    A technical skill set and practical experience enable Watermetrics to tailor a solution specific for your farm right down to a per paddock and pivot levels.

    Consent water management

    Consent Water Management

    Watermetrics provide the Water Compliance and consent monitoring services to ensure you meet your consent obligations. With almost two decades of revenue data collection experience and over ten years in the Agri space, Watermetrics can provide the ‘radar detector’ for water consent compliance.

    Water use efficiency

    Water Use Efficiency

    By utilising various sensor data, farmers can ensure they are applying the optimal amount of water at any given time.

    Information around soil moisture and temperature, rainfall, amount of water applied and Evapotranspiration allows you to neither over-water or under-water.

    Water metering and logging

    Water Metering and Logging

    For water compliance, Watermetrics provides a range of solutions to enable management and monitoring decisions for compliance and data submission services to Regional Councils.

    Watermetrics is a one stop shop for water meters, other sensors, logging and monitoring solutions.

    Sensor monitoring

    Sensor Monitoring

    Sensor monitoring of soil moisture and temperature, rain, well depth and more.

    Watermetrics can take the output from your sensors, display it via our web portal in near real time, providing management notifications or sensor alerts, which empower you to make decisions around the specific sensor’s data.

    Effluent monitoring

    Effluent Monitoring

    Watermetrics offers a fail-safe monitoring system to manage and keep your effluent cycle open/flowing.

    The system automates your data collection process, delivering meaningful information and results for KPIs, to expedite your journey towards sustainable management practices.

    Bring your own device

    Bring Your Own Device

    Watermetrics has the capability and in house technical knowledge to support your existing logger. It may vary from circumstance to circumstance but depending on the logger type we can be in the position to collect your logger data and display it via the Watermetrics website. We can also suggest alternative solutions if your logger is incapable of sending real-time sensor data.

    Our IT team has considerable experience of interface development both nationally and offshore.

    Water Ordering

    With our Water Order service, scheme members can order water through a web portal and the complex processes are automated by our system. This improves efficiency and radically reduces the risk of disastrous mistakes.

    For the scheme operators it saves time and provides better visibility and accuracy around the user’s orders. For the users it reduces the wait time between ordering and receiving water and gives them transparency and acknowledgement of their water orders.

    Water Transfer

    Our Water Transfer service ensures farmers who need water can get it, and those that don’t are able to save money by selling the water they are allocated.

    It works like this: Scheme members can voluntarily choose to auction some of their water at a reserve price of their choosing. Likewise, buyers bid for a volume of water with a price of their choosing, the clearing volume and price is determined by the buyer bid prices that exceed the sellers reserve prices. Once an auction is completed a water order is issued for the subsequent time period.

    This creates a win-win solution that maximises water efficiency and economic outcomes.

    Water Balance / Race

    Know where your water is going. The ability to balance water from the point of take to the point of delivery raises visibility of any losses that may occur in the irrigation network.

    Water Balances help increase water use efficiency, to ensure that water is not wasted to leaks. Reduce the excessive pumping that leaking networks require saving pump lifetime, maintenance costs and excessive electricity costs.

    Farm Environment Plans

    • These are farm audits around environmental impacts and sustainability.
    • Providing support for existing services created by other data developers.
    • For Environmental Councils/Agencies.
    • Safe Guard Environment.
    • Preserve water quality.
    • Appease Public.
    • Enabling tool to measure progress towards land & water forum target.
    • For Environmental Consultants.
    • Robust Dependable management software, a proven tool.
    • Customisable System with a user-friendly interface.
    • Blueprint system to manage FEPs.
    • Secure and Standardised data provides ability to benchmark.
    • Consistent data across multiple sites.

    Effluent - Fail Safe Monitoring

    Just like a good work dog: The Watermetrics dairy effluent fail safe monitor’s, will roundup your pesky effluent, automatically and in the paddock, by watching pressures, flows and speeds, 24/7, giving dairy farmer’s confidence, improving decision making, and finally, delivering better efficiency.

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