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HALO 11kV Solid Ring Main Units (SRMU)

HALO 11kV Solid Ring Main Units (SRMU)

Designed for New Zealand conditions, these stainless steel cabinets are outdoor ready. Simple to use and operator friendly, they have numerous safety features and offer ultra-low maintenance and low cost of ownership. They are environmentally friendly and result in network reliability improvements.


ECO Load Break Switch

The 25.8kV switch, installed at distribution line, is an epoxy insulated vacuum load break switch that is capable of separating and branching of power distribution line. It is light with vertically installed bushings, clamp connection instead of wire junction for increased reliability, uses transformer installation bracket instead of needing own bracket for easy installation, and is easy to maintain.


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EPR Solid Insulated Recloser

EPR is designed to be powered from AC 110 to 240V low voltage distribution line. EPR complies with the international standard specifications and ratings. EPR consists of Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic epoxy-insulated Housing (HCEP), stainless encloser tank, control cubicle. Vacuum interrupter is installed in HCEP Housing and magnetic actuator is encapsulated in stainless steel enclosure.


Feeder Protection Relays

ETR500 Feeder Protection Relay

Intellectual Protection Relay for Switchgear. Selectable application by use of protection functions. Dual communication with protocol of DNP 3.0, MODBUS, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850

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