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Making parking payment easy

Councils and other parking authorities are choosing ADR’s PayMyPark solution because it makes parking easy. Users simply find a park and start their parking.

There is no more guessing how long you need to pay for. Running late? They can just extend their parking, no need to run back to the meter, no more searching for coins. Finished early? They can stop their parking and get a refund back to your account.

See ADR’s Peter MacKenzie explain PayMyPark in this video.


Pay and walk-away technology

PayMyPark is a digital solution available to customers through a website or smartphone app. Used along with ADR’s TicketOr2 solution, PayMyPark seamlessly integrates with an organisation’s parking management infrastructure, providing users with an easier experience, and enforcement authorities with an easily managed payment solution.

Specific benefits include:

  • True ‘pay and walk-away’ technology that enhances a parking authority’s brand
  • Make parking fundamentally easier for customers
  • Offering the market a new and easy way to pay for parking
  • Giving customer real-time space availability and guidance information
  • Users only pay for the parking they use
  • Remote parking extension capability
  • Enables organisation to manage their entire vehicle fleet parking payments with one solution.

ticketor2Solution overview

The TicketOr2 Enforcement Database acts as the single source of information for all payments and enforcement issuing information with the enforcement business rule algorithms being monitored in a single place. By having all payment, overstay and enforcement rules maintained and stored in a common database we are able to provide a robust and reliable enforcement system.

Key customers

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Key functions

The PayMyPark solution is available on Android, iOS, and through our responsive Web Page. All internet connected devices such as Smartphone, Tablets, and Windows PC’s have access to the full payment experience. 

Both credit card and account to account transactions are available for PayMyPark account top ups. All casual parking payments are via credit card only. Casual and account payments are facilitated using DPS. 

Registration plate linked

Each payment session is uniquely linked using the registration plate. It is passable to have multiple payment sessions for different registration plates through the one account. By recording the vehicle registration plate against the payment, we are able to use this data for integrity and in field enforcement.

Flexible enforcement

Through PayMyPark customers are able to pay for parking in any zone or bay across the paid parking areas and off street car parks. This relies on the customer knowing which area / car park they would like to pay for. We can restrict payments to the maximum time allowed as per council requirements.


The customer will receive a notification from the payment app when there is 10 minutes remaining in the current payment session. Through PayMyPark the customer is able to extend any current PayMyPark parking session.

Also, the customer can take advantage of the Start / Stop function if they are not sure how long they will need to pay for parking. We can restrict payments to the maximum time allowed as per council requirements.

Purchase process and receipting

Customer purchase parking by:

  • Starting-up app
  • Select pay for parking
  • Enter area and select time
  • Enter your registration number
  • Select pay by account balance or enter credit card details
  • Parking purchased

All transactions, Top Up and Parking Payment are issued with individual receipts. These can be either emailed at the time of the transaction or reported as part of the transaction history. 

All payments are displayed, and calculated, from the time the payment is made. All payments made through PayMyPark are displayed through the App and Web Page. Payment history is kept for at least three months, retrievable through the PayMyPark Web Page. 

Customers will be able to use PayMyPark to top up a current payment session that were made through the Pay and Display machine. ADR receives payment data through the Pay & Display suppliers API so that parking top up’s can easily be facilitated. 

If parking payment is driven primarily by bay number (and subsequently by registration number) when topping up there is the need for the end user to have a reference to the bay number they have occupied. This can be obtained through the Pay and Display receipt.


Our offer is a generic product that can be customised with “landing pages” customised to meet council requirements.

The product is designed with the vision to enhance the customer experience. Specifically Pay by Plate, Pay by Space / Area and Casual Parking.

Organisation fleet management

PayMyPark comes fully ready for organisations management. Through this any company can setup an account and manage all their vehicle fleet’s parking. Full account reconciliation and management supplied. 

Back Office Interface

A transaction audit listing is available for all transactions. As ADR use the TicketOr2 enforcement database as a common server, it can provide data on all payments by ticket, date, bay and registration.

If a ticket has been issued against a payment/overstay offence you will be able to drill down on the payment/overstay details as applicable.

All space/area tariffs and restrictions are stored within our secure server farm. As such when any bay or tariff data is changed, we will require the updated information from the council to implement and activate at an agreed date and time. We treat this as a standard part of system updates and maintenance.

As part of ADR’s standard offering, a standard full reconciliation report is provided in a manner stipulated by the Council. This can be used to reconcile a particular date range, area, plate or other Council requirements.

Parking Officer Interface

As part of our standard overstay validation, prior to any overstay being sent to an infield device TicketOr2 validates all supplied legitimate overstays against all received payment data. This acts as a dual check to lessen the possibility of a customer being issued an infringement incorrectly.  

For any payment that has been received through Pay by Plate an additional check is automatically preformed as part of the registration plate entry.  

Any data that ADR is supplied can be printed on the parking ticket. If the extra data is not on the current ticket template the council would need to advise ADR so that it could be added. This would be a simple process if the printed data is already supplied to ADR. 

The parking warden will be given a payment notification for any PayMyPark payment that we have received for the specific registration plate. This notification is displayed as soon as the parking warden enters (or scans) the registration plate.

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