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Futureproofed parking for one of Australia's oldest cities

How ADR's Smart City Parking Solution streamlined Launceston's parking enforcement processes

About the City of Launceston

Located in Northern Tasmania, the City of Launceston is known as one of Australia's oldest cities. However, despite its historical significance, it's a city focused on the future. An ethos the council takes seriously by implementing technological advancements for its residents where and when possible.

Disparate systems prohibiting parking ticketing efficiency

Focused on the future, Launceston is adept at implementing and utilising new and emerging software solutions.

While parking enforcement was already digitised, the process of managing each function was clunky and time sensitive. Acting Parking Team Leader, Jemma Lester says, "We had infringement software but had to pop between three other applications to check payments and other metering information. The applications didn't speak to each other, so our officers would spend unnecessary time ensuring the information was correct before issuing a ticket. This process delayed our team's ability to do their role efficiently."

Aware other Australian Councils had achieved greater autonomy and transparency across their parking enforcement teams' the council sought to find and implement a modern system better aligned with their needs. Jemma says, "We had used the same software for a long time. There seemed to be more updated products available that were better suited to our needs."
That's where ADR's Smart City Parking Solution came in.

ADR's Smart City Parking Solution

The Smart City parking solution by Arthur D. Riley (ADR) offered the City of Launceston Parking Enforcement team a more comprehensive and modern tool to manage all areas of their parking enforcement needs.

"ADR was mentioned to us by another council who had recently updated their product and had been happy with the outcomes," says Jemma. "We looked at several other providers before settling on the ADR package."

While word of mouth initially interested the council, the ADR Smart City Parking Solution's ability to integrate and communicate with other council enforcement and management tools sealed the deal.

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An intuitive system helping officers to ticket efficiently

While the Smart City Parking Solution has only been in use for a short time, the enforcement team are already reporting that they are working more efficiently. Jemma says, "Because it's all-in-one, all the parking information our team needs comes up straight away."

Already planning to implement and utilise more of the Smart City Parking Solution now that the team is confident in the basic features, team leader Jemma is happy they chose an ADR solution.

"ADR has been really helpful with anything that has come up, whereas the company we used before wasn't as efficient with making changes," says Jemma. "ADR is always accommodating and if they don't do something they're open to trying to find ways of doing it. They always seem happy to help us with custom features whether another council needs the same or not."

Happy with the solution and the team behind it, the City of Launceston looks forward to implementing more parking enforcement features with ADR.

ADR's Smart City Parking Solution can help improve the service and experience you offer to your commercial customers. Let's talk.

About Arthur D. Riley

Founder Arthur D. Riley was an engineer renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit, something ADR continues to embody as providers of field-smart technology. This means we are always there for our customers, with technology and expertise that keeps operations running in the field. From high voltage power distribution, water revenue metering and system control, to data acquisition and parking management systems, ADR offers a proven, field-smart solution backed with technical expertise.

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