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Energy Utilities

Energy is at the heart of strong economies and communities. Providing reliable and consistent electricity and gas supply, as safely and efficiently as possible, is what ADR supports with a broad range of products and solutions across electricity transmission and distribution through to reticulation.

ADR has developed a strong reputation for innovative thinking over a century of involvement in the electrical sector. We offer expertise and technology across electricity metering, meter reading and meter data acquisition, power distribution and control, utility and grid, and utility SCADA.

Why you can trust ADR



We are enduring

ADR have been around for 100 years and are locally owned and operated.


We have a reputation for excellence

Product quality is high and we continue to invest in innovation.


We make it easy

We offer outstanding support, from knowledgeable, personable and responsive people.

Suggested products

Electricity Metering

Range of meters and metering solutions, from smart devices through to full IoT networks.

Meter Data Acquisition

AMR, smart metering and IoT based solutions.

Meter Reading

Software for managing field force logistics, manual data collection through to AMR.

Power Distribution and Control

Offer ADR and third-party branded products for electricity transmission and generation.

Utility and Grid

Broad range of Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems and Entec solutions for transmission and distribution.

Utility SCADA

Abbey and Eaton solutions for automation and control.

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