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Apartment Sub-metering

Why sub-metering solutions are the timely, cost-effective and hassle-free way to manage apartment utilities

The process of physically reading utility sub-meters on-site is both time-consuming and expensive. Meter reading becomes even more difficult when utilities or building managers need to access individual apartments within a building, or when sub-metering water regulations are an issue. A remotely-monitored sub-metering system eliminates the need to visit each apartment thereby speeding up the process and reducing costs.

IOT Meter Reading

Our solution

Arthur D. Riley supplies a range of metering solutions that are based on a building's or individual's needs, such as electric sub-meters for landlords, and water sub-meters. We also provide water sub-meter installation.

The meters monitor utility use, and the data can be used for billing, e.g. water sub-meter billing, and setting water sub-meter prices.

How apartment sub-metering can help you

Use the data from the meters provided by a water sub-metering company to chase down debt, or to ensure that apartment residents are paying for what they use on an individual basis.
Settling the issue of who pays for what is not the only benefit to installing sub-metering. Others include:

  • The time and hassle saved by not having to read meters physically, and individually
  • The money saved by not having to pay someone to read the meters
  • High-quality, accurate data that ADR can analyse and use to produce invoices
  • Making utility payment easier for apartment residents as well as the managers
  • Real-time readings for all apartments on the same day
  • Conflict resolution - when residents query bills, metering data can be used to justify their invoice

Our apartment sub-metering systems are the cost-effective, self-powered solution to utility management. Be satisfied that your invoices are correct and take the guesswork out of reading meters.

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