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Aspex HMI SCADA software

Aspex HMI SCADA software

Aspex is an easy to use, cost-effective SCADA HMI software package allowing the custom design of graphical screens for use with Abbey Systems Telemetry products. Designed for water and wastewater utilities, power and gas distribution networks.

Powerlink Telemetry Server SCADA software

Powerlink Telemetry Server SCADA software

Powerlink is Abbey Systems' Telemetry Server software and is supplied bundled with Aspex into six different packages:

  • Aspex Full  - 100 RTU addresses, 500 programs.

  • Aspex Standard  - 100 RTU addresses, 250 programs.

  • Aspex Lite  - 25 RTU addresses, 100 programs.

  • Aspex Superlite - 7 RTU addresses, 25 programs.

  • Aspex Local Operator  - 1 RTU, trends, programs & reports. No alarm system.

Powerlink is also available in the following versions:

  • Powerlink Telemetry Server - with OPC Server interface for customers who want to use Abbey Systems RTUs with remote configuration, synchronous data transmission or Datalogging features, but still interface to Intouch, iFix, Citect or other HMIs with an OPC client.  

  • Powerlink Local Master - for customers to configure RTUs using DNP3 slave serial or DNP3/TCP protocols to communicate with their SCADA Master.

Securelink – Encrypted remote laptop PC access

Securelink – Encrypted remote laptop PC access

Abbey Secure Link software provides a safe and secure means of allowing customers remote access to their SCADA Master and its data, either from an existing Broadband Internet Service Provider or via a Cellular Data 3G/4G connection.  Abbey Secure Link is designed to provide a high level of security and ease of use without the hassle of a VPN.

Aspex Local Operator SCADA Software

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