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Designed and built in New Zealand, these loggers are the perfect tool to allow councils, consultants, industry and agricultural sectors to collect vital information on the status of their reticulation systems and networks.

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At its most simplistic, IoT is the result of low-cost computing that connects everything on the planet, computer to computer, which is the global transfer of data without the need for human intervention.

Smart water meters are a form of IoT, a network of technologies which can monitor the status of physical objects, capture meaningful data, and communicate that data over a wireless network to a software application for analysis on a computer in the cloud. A smart device is associated with each object which provides the connectivity and a unique digital identity for identifying, tracking and communicating with the object. A sensor within or attached to the device is connected to the Internet by a local area connection and can also have wide area connectivity. Typically, each data transmission from a device is small in size but the number of transmissions can be frequent.

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