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How much could you save if your water use for tradewaste was optimised?

by A D Riley, on Nov 21, 2022 4:31:17 PM

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Data from smart meters provide actionable insights and significant cost savings

If your organisation goes through a lot of water, how much of it is because of tradewaste? This is the dirty water from your various cleaning activities, such as hosing down areas where fish have been processed. For example, if your water use falls mainly between 8am and 4pm - peak hours of the working day - and your company is based in Christchurch, this period of time is the most expensive for water use.

If you've been taking a closer look at your water use for tradewaste and wondering how to manage it more efficiently and cut costs, then altering the time you push it out is a must - it'll cost you half the amount if you do it outside the peak hours. But you need to prove it to realise the cost savings.

Many enterprise-sized companies will be utilising a business management system that automatically sends their water use data directly to the Council, but most small and medium sized organisations won't have that sort of tech on board.

That's where smart meters come in. These cost-effective, innovative water meters harness technology to monitor water usage so that you can provide proof of when you’re using water. Monitoring can be done remotely and will also help you to identify and fix faults faster. Not only that, but you have access to a self-service online portal, allowing you to view information on water use in real-time, so you can identify any issues or interruptions to service.

But the main thing for any business is that these meters will show exactly when you're using the most water. If you've decided to deal with tradewaste outside of peak hours, data from the smart meters will provide the water use evidence.

Flexibility to fit your needs

We have solutions to suit a range of needs. You can set your own thresholds, receiving alerts when they're exceeded. The alerts can be delivered to nominated members of your team via email or text, giving you greater control.

We'll conduct a site visit to get an understanding of your requirements so that we can customise the metering solution for a purpose-built, best fit. Depending on the complexity and number of meters, you could be looking at your real-time data the next day.

From bulk meter installs to retrofitting existing meters with a smart device, we can get your company optimising water use management and reaping the rewards of serious cash savings.

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Smart meters mean smart savings for Port of Otago

When it comes to significant savings, don't just take our word for it. The timing of Port of Otago's water use was one of the critical areas they wanted more control over in order to reduce water wastage and costs.

"The data tells us when water is being used and why, so we’re able to identify the reason for the spikes. This means we can work towards reducing the usage, which correlates to significant cost savings," they said.

The team at Port of Otago also love having more control over their water use and data, and love the fact they can manage and analyse it themselves.

"We could see the upward trend which indicated a leak, potentially getting worse. So then we're able to investigate and identify the cause of the leak, and resolve it. We typically experience three or four leaks a year, so in the long run we're looking at major savings in both time and money with the electronic meters."

Check out the full case study

The upshot is that water metering is a valuable tool that can improve water management and reduce water loss. If you want to manage your water use more efficiently by dealing with tradewaste at certain times, smart meters provide data proof of those timings, data that, when analysed, also offer insights into water use patterns. Based on these insights, you can update your tradewaste strategy to align with the most cost-effective timings.

We're here to help. Get in touch today and we'll start a discussion around your business's water management and tradewaste issues, and tailor a solution that will work for you.

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