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Making water meters smart

by A D Riley, on Jul 12, 2023 2:17:48 PM


The advantages of using a clip-on device

Water meters are essential tools for accurately measuring and monitoring water consumption in both commercial and residential environments. They enable water utilities and property owners to track usage, detect leaks, and manage resources effectively. However, traditional mechanical meters have certain limitations that hinder efficient water management.

Traditional mechanical meters typically rely on mechanical mechanisms to measure water flow, which can be prone to wear and tear over time. They provide basic measurement functionality but lack advanced features necessary for comprehensive water management. These meters require manual reading and offer limited data visibility, making it challenging to monitor consumption patterns, identify abnormalities, and implement proactive measures.

This is where ADR Fennec clip-on devices prove to be a game-changer. By attaching these smart devices to conventional meters, they can be transformed into smart meters with advanced capabilities. The clip-on devices leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enable enhanced functionality and data-driven insights.

With ADR Fennec clip-ons, traditional meters gain the ability to transmit data through cloud connectivity. This means that meter readings and consumption information can be seamlessly sent to a centralised system, eliminating the need for manual readings. The devices utilise either private or public networks, such as cell phone towers, to transmit data, ensuring reliable and cost-effective communication.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits and advantages of clipping on a smart meter.

Cost-effectiveness and easy installation

When you already have the infrastructure in place with mechanical meters, investing in an entirely new smart meter system can be costly. ADR Fennec clip-on devices offer an affordable alternative. These IoT devices are getting cheaper all the time, making them a cost-effective solution for upgrading existing meters. With their simple installation process, the devices can be easily attached to the mechanical meter without the need for complex retrofitting.

Seamless data transmission via cloud and network connectivity

Once installed, the clip-on device efficiently sends meter data to your system through cloud connectivity. It utilises either a private or a public network, such as a cell phone tower, to transmit data. The device incorporates a specialised eSIM card designed to provide low-cost data, ensuring an economical solution for data transfer.

Convenient data access and billing

Accessing and managing the meter data becomes hassle-free with the ADR portal. Users can conveniently log into the portal to view real-time meter data, ensuring better monitoring and control. For billing purposes, ADR can forward the information in a CSV file ,API or any other format requested. This feature is particularly advantageous for managing large-scale properties like multi-story apartment blocks, where monthly meter readings for billing can be easily obtained.

Comprehensive data for efficient water management

ADR Fennec clip-on devices enable data collection at frequent intervals, such as every 30 minutes. This level of data granularity is valuable for water utilities and councils looking to analyse consumption patterns and optimise their water networks. For instance, councils can showcase their efficiency in managing water networks by using historical data to track minimum night flow. By comparing year-to-year data, they can identify anomalies or gradual changes in consumption that require attention.

Enhanced signal reception and flexibility

A notable advantage of clip-on devices is their flexibility in signal reception. By attaching an antenna, the device can be positioned optimally, even deep within a meter box. This allows for improved signal transmission and data retrieval. Alternatively, an external antenna can be placed on top of the meter lid to ensure reliable data transfer.

By leveraging ADR Fennec clip-on devices, water utilities and councils can transform their existing mechanical meters into cost-effective, smart solutions. With its seamless data transmission, convenient data access, and flexibility, this technology empowers users with comprehensive insights into water consumption and enables efficient water management.

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