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Smooth ride for re-integrating parking services into WCC

by A D Riley, on Aug 13, 2019 2:26:05 PM


When a large organisation decides to bring a previously outsourced department back in house, there are often a number of challenges that need to be overcome. A common one is disparate systems; there's a need to integrate those systems so that the department can once again function efficiently as an in-house operation.

That was the case for the Wellington City Council (WCC), who for 12 years had outsourced their parking services to a contractor. When the decision was made to bring this function back into the Council, they needed something that would enable integration of multiple systems.

"There's a lot more to parking than just issuing tickets," says Melanie Goodger, Commercial Services Team Leader. "We needed a solution that could integrate with all the aspects - dealing with appeals, court hearings, and we have a resident permit scheme as well."

After researching several options, WCC made the decision to go with Arthur D. Riley's TicketOr 2 solution. It's a SaaS (Software as a Service) parking enforcement solution that allows organisations to remotely store and access data such as ticket data, pictures and diagrams. Data is centrally stored on the ADR servers, so the organisation doesn't need to allow for any data storage or maintenance. It works on multiple platforms, including smartphones. WCC use customised smartphones installed with the TicketOr 2 app.

The journey that ADR and WCC embarked on together has been outlined in a new case study. It covers the challenges that WCC were facing around parking solutions, as well as their desire to harness new technologies as part of a continual drive to bring the WCC into the digital age.

Throughout the implementation process, WCC appreciated the flexibility and adaptability of TicketOr 2. The result has been a continually customisable solution that has streamlined WCC's Parking Services department and gained efficiencies. As WCC comes up with new ideas, ADR are able to tailor the TicketOr 2 solution to fit those ideas and continually evolve.

"It’s not only functional, it’s adaptable," says Melanie. "The ability to customise the solution has been essential for us.”

Read the case study

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