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    SMP SG-42XX Substation Gateway

    SMP SG-42XX Substation Gateway

    Over the last decade, the SMPTM Gateway has been recognised as one of the most efficient and reliable substation gateways on the market.

    Eaton’s SMP SG-42xx platform leverages more than 20 years of hardware and software development, and delivers one of the most advanced substation automation solutions on the market. Flexible, reliable, evolutive, the SMP SG-4250 and SMP SG-4260 models are smart grid enablers.

    The SMP Gateway is used successfully in thousands of substations to perform data acquisition and distribution, protocol translation and to provide secure remote access to substation intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).

    SMP4/DP Distribution Processor for a Smarter Grid

    Eaton’s SMP™4/DP automation platform is a powerful and rugged platform, providing utilities with secure and reliable data acquisition and management. Its versatile and compact shape makes the SMP 4/DP an ideal tool for both inside and outside the substation fence automation and integration applications. Installed directly in protective relay enclosures or in the switchyard, this SMP Gateway provides essential communication and data concentration features. It has also been designed to operate over a broad temperature range, which is critical to utilities who serve extreme temperature environments.

    SMP IO-2230 Distributed I O platform

    SMP IO-2230 Distributed I/O Platform

    Specially designed to meet the requirements of distributed I/O in modern utility substation automation systems, Eaton’s substation-grade SMP distributed I/O platforms integrate with the SMP Gateway or can be used as standalone I/O modules that connect directly to a DNP3 master station. Supporting binary input and output cards, as well as analog input cards, both devices operate with AC or DC voltage and communicate using the DNP3 protocol over serial RS-485 or TCP/IP using fiber or copper Ethernet. Error-detection features ensure data integrity between the data point and the control center, with supported IRIG-B synchronisation for precise timestamping. In addition, all wiring resides on the rear panel through removable terminal blocks, with a front panel that displays the status of the device and the state of all I/O signal.

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