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Aspex SCADA HMI software

ASPEX is an easy to use cost effective SCADA HMI software package allowing the custom design of graphical screens for use with Abbey Systems Telemetry products. 

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Key features

  • Displays Graphics Screens, Log Event and Data Log files
  • Aspex is bundled with Powerlink Telemetry Server software
  • Simple to use
  • Includes Editing tools
  • Aspex Advanced Trends for Real Time & Historic time stamped data
  • Print trends with a white background to PDF for reports 
  • Import and embed images in Aspex screens
  • Symbols allow new screens to be created quickly and easily
  • Propagate screen updates quickly to all screens using the same symbol
  • Alarm List & Log File 
  • Use Aspex at the SCADA Master, Backup Master & Disaster SCADA Masters
  • Use over LAN, WAN, VPN, Broadband or WiFi connections including Abbey Systems' own Securelink product
  • For water and waste water utilities, power and gas distribution networks 


Examples of Aspex screens in both water power networks


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