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Telemetry Server SCADA software

Whether it's a pump station or substation, Powerlink is highly flexible SCADA software explicitly designed for telemetry applications. Operators can use Aspex HMI or a graphical package from other suppliers. Alarms, Paging and Reporting, provide a fully-featured system designed specifically for the Utility industry [power, water and wastewater].

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Key functions

Powerlink is Abbey Systems' Telemetry Server software and is supplied bundled with Aspex into six different packages:

  • Aspex Full  - 100 RTU addresses, 500 programs

  • Aspex Standard  - 100 RTU addresses, 250 programs

  • Aspex Lite  - 25 RTU addresses, 100 programs  

  • Aspex Superlite - 7 RTU addresses, 25 programs 

  • Aspex Local Operator  - 1 RTU, trends, programs & reports. No Alarm system.

Powerlink is also available in the following versions:

  • Powerlink Telemetry Server – with OPC Server interface for customers who want to use Abbey Systems RTU’s with remote configuration, synchronous data transmission or data logging features, but still interface to select, supported OPC clients. Contact us for further information.

  • Powerlink Local Master – for customers to configure RTU’s using DNP3 slave serial or for using DNP3/TCP protocols to communicate with Brodersen RTU, Site Sentinel IoT RTU loggers or Survalent ADMS & SCADA products.


  • Create programs online in realtime
  • Run programs at the SCADA Master or in the RTU (same language is used in both places)
  • MPL Programming language uses IF, AND, FOR, DO Boolean statements
  • Programs are self-documenting
  • Specific Telemetry Program instructions
  • Combine Telemetry and Datalogging instructions in programs
  • 4 Pump program suite available
  • Load Management suite available


  • I/O Database configuration, tag shorthand and description
  • Communications Channel configuration
  • Input conditioning & filtering
  • Setup for Status, Measurements, Control Outputs, Analog Outputs, Pulse Counts and rates
  • Store measurements and statuses to Event file & Log file for later reporting


  • Alarm on exceeding a Measurement setpoint or change of Digital Input state at a remote site
  • 80 custom Alarm Actions
  • Create a custom Alarm hierarchy
  • Send alarms to pagers, or cellphones with extra SMS software and appropriate modem
  • Working Hours Alarm Management
  • Duty Operator change  
  • Email Alarm notification option


  • Flexible Report creation by I/O, RTU & Alarm Action over date ranges
  • Quick Reports for Automated report generation to local or Network printers
  • Formatted reports
  • Report output as CSV or SQL format
  • Report on data collected in response to Polls & RTU Data Log file retrieval



  • VHF Radio, UHF Radio, 2w Line, Ethernet, Cellular, Data radio, WiFi radio communications channel setup
  • Protocol setup Modbus Master & Slave, DNP3 Master & Slave, DNP3/TCP Modbus/TCP, Cooper 2179, Allen Bradley DF-1 Master & Slave
  • Abbey native protocol: HDLC, Async HDLC & HDLC/IP
  • Download programs over the communications channel*  
  • Retrieve Time stamped data log measurements and statuses from RTUs over the communications channel*
  • Concurrent protocols setup via IP, DNP3 slave of poll response & HDLC for remote setup and configuration or programming of RTUs

Optional software modules

  • OPC Server
  • SQL /ODBC export 
  • Hot Standby SCADA Backup
  • CSV import 
  • SMS Execute 
  • Datalogging module
  • FTP export XML
  • Soap interface 
  • Load Management System suite
  • Pump Station system suite
  • Securelink for Aspex & Powerlink IP access
  • Capacity increases are available for quantity of; RTU addresses, Programs, Remote Program Groups, Users, Quick Reports, Pager Groups.

Powerlink SCADA software are designed to run on Workstation & Server class machines, including Virtual machines. Please ask for the current recommended hardware platform and operating systems supported.

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