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Remote Access for laptop PCs & tablets in the field

Abbey Securelink software provides a safe and secure means of allowing customers remote access to their SCADA Master and its data, either from an existing Broadband Internet Service Provider or via a Cellular Data 3G/4G connection. Abbey Securelink is designed to provide a high level of security and ease of use without the hassle of a VPN.

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Securelink's key benefits

  • Allows Multiple simultaneous connections (unlike using VPN, or other remote control programs)
  • Uses Secure Shell (SSH) to create encrypted secure connections 
  • Access any of your Aspex HMI screens, including Advanced Trends, Alarms (includes Acknowledging Alarms) and Log File when offsite or not on the Local Area Network
  • Use Cellular plans or WiFi, broadband, ISP  
  • An Operator” client has full control rights.  We supply these for "On Call" Staff, Engineers and Supervisors. These licences can initiate controls and acknowledge alarms.  
  • A “View only” Aspex Securelink licence is also available.  We supply or lease these to Management and Consultant Engineers to view their customer's system remotely.  They can query Trends but not Ack Alarms or initiate any Control Outputs.     
  • Optional Powerlink Engineering access via Securelink
  • Automatic Aspex file synch & update notification  
  • Fast navigation of Aspex screens - only the dynamic data is updated 
  • Improved support functions - for Integrators and our SCADA Engineers resolving any support enquiries

At the Customer’s SCADA Master PC

Install new Abbey SCADA Master Powerlink software v3.8.0. Install Abbey Secure Master software.

If the SCADA Master is already connected to a corporate LAN....
  • Then the SCADA Master PC needs to be able to access web sites through the customer’s IT firewall.
If the SCADA Master is not currently connected to any LAN....
  • Customers will need to arrange an Internet connection via WiFi, WiMax or other to access web sites. We recommend a suitable router/firewall should also be installed.

Abbey Secure Master software will only access Abbey Secure Primary and Secondary Hubs

At the customer's the Remote PC or Laptop PC

Install a new copy of ‘Abbey Secure Client’ and Aspex and/or Powerlink Node software. Abbey Secure Client will work with both Aspex and Powerlink.

If you already own a copy of Aspex on your laptop then we will supply a new copy with Abbey Secure Client installation included.

If you don’t already have an Aspex licence then one needs to be purchased with

Abbey Secure Client and installed on the Remote PC or Laptop PC.

Note: Abbey Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice

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