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Three Waters Reform

The Three Waters Reform - why data matters

The NZ Government's Three Waters Reform is upon us

The aim of the Three Waters Reform is to improve water infrastructure and support a three-year reform programme of councils’ water services. A new drinking water regulator, Taumata Arowai, will be launched during the second half of 2021, and will be responsible for drinking water regulation, as well as having oversight of wastewater and stormwater - together, known as Three Waters. Taumata Arowai will require councils to comply with new standards.

However, there’s not a lot of clarity on what the future looks like particularly with regards to timeframes. What we do know is that we need good data. And to get good data we need to collect it in an efficient, relevant and future-proofed way.

Don't get left behind and don't leave it too late. If you have secured funding to get a metering trial underway or you're just wanting to get ahead of the curve, now is a good time to get started on exploring your options.

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Know your options

We’re always up for helping our clients create a brief or even a solution that meets their budgets and their requirements.

Data at the heart of good water management

While the reform is greater than the meter, metering is important. Because you can't manage what you don't measure, councils need to start looking into the tools needed to collect relevant data across their water services. Water meters are an essential first step for monitoring water quality and water balance.

Over 21.5 billion IoT water devices are used across Europe and are being rapidly adopted in Australia. Smart metering is being adopted in New Zealand – and at ADR we are working on projects in Auckland and Dunedin to help provide these councils with the clearest picture they've ever had on water consumption, wastage, issues and water balance (regular, accurate and efficient).

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Water metering is also about reducing waste and managing sustainability

For councils, data not only provides a clearer picture and improved sustainability, but it also changes the relationship with rate payers and customers. Live data means behaviour can be changed in faster timeframes and users have more data from their water provider in order to be more conscious.

Know your options
While smart meters are the way of the future, there are many options, including:

  • Add new meters
  • Add-on options to existing meters
  • Upgrade meters

We’re keen to share our expertise and insights with you, to help you make the best decisions around investing in water services. We'll talk you through our water metering solutions, and explain how they can actually generate revenue for local councils. We know that many areas have never been metered before, so the implementation of water metering solutions is bound to generate lots of interest and questions.

Give yourself the best chance at getting a solution that will benefit New Zealand and provide you with the best efficiencies for generations to come.


Supplying water meters for over 90 years

Our innovative range of water and wastewater technology products and services includes:

  • Meter reading and meter data acquisition
  • Utility and grid solutions
  • Utility and SCADA solutions
  • Utility water equipment
  • Water meter testing
  • Water management advisory services

Our solutions are very cost effective, and we've gained a reputation for our high-quality products and service.

Whatever your budget or scope, ADR would love to help. Talk to us to find out what all the options are.

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ADR's Solution - Axioma

The Ultrasonic water meter QALCOSONIC W1 is designed for accurate measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial premises.

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