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TicketOr2 - your one stop parking shop

by A D Riley, on Jan 31, 2022 8:03:24 PM

Meet all your parking needs with this intelligent, fully integrated solution

Managing parking challenges is complex, no matter who you are. New Zealand Councils and large private entities managing permits (universities, airports etc.), often struggle to find ways to effectively manage their parking needs, and will be on the hunt for a solution that can be tailored to their individual requirements.

ADR's parking enforcement management solution, TicketOr2, has a dominant market share for on-street enforcement software in New Zealand, especially at councils. It successfully competes in the Australian market as well. In fact, you may already be familiar with it - it's in use by almost every council in New Zealand.

But do you know what it's really capable of? Have you fully explored TicketOr2's capabilities as a single source of truth for all your parking needs?

TicketOr2 is a powerful, flexible parking enforcement solution that can function as a complete Compliance Management System, or as a modular solution that can be tailored depending on your requirements. 

The hand-held equipment has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of field conditions, with full hardware and software support from our team.

A flexible, modular design that does what you need it to in the way you need it to

TicketOr2 streamlines the parking compliance system not just for your organisation, but for the end users - those getting the tickets. It's an end-to-end solution that simplifies the process and saves time. From payment apps and websites, to permits and communications modules—TicketOr2 provides everything your organisation needs to collaborate on compliance management and work efficiently together.

Your organisation will benefit from features such as:

  • The ability to choose from a continually growing list of modules and application integrations
  • A Parking Payment Apps module that enables you to build a customisable, customer facing app that helps both wardens and customers track parking data in real-time
  • A module designed to streamline the outstanding payments communication process
  • A permit and coupons module that makes it simple to differentiate between compliant and non-compliant parkers
  • A secure online portal that facilitates payments and logs disputes for office staff to attend to, enhancing communication between the disputes team and the parker

It's also worth noting that ADR have been around for over 113 years. We're 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and we own all our product source code. This means we can make changes and customise TicketOr2 without third party involvement, keeping it secure and agile to changes.

Picture2Case study: learn how the Wellington City Council tailors the TicketOr2 solution for their continually evolving ideas and processes

More than a just a parking enforcement tool

TicketOr2 provides your organisation with a complete overview of your infringement lifecycle management. It automates your processes, makes collaboration simple, easy and effective, and is a significant time saver. It connects all your compliance management needs into one singular database - giving you, your team and your customers one single, and reliable source of the truth.

Are you getting the most out of TicketOr2? Whether you're a current user or you'd like to discuss implementing it in your organisation, contact us now and we'll get a discussion started.

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