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Operations & Engineering remote access to your Abbey SCADA System

by A D Riley, on Mar 31, 2020 4:40:58 PM

439481_orig-1In these new normal times of working from home and remotely your ADR Control team have remote access products for Abbey SCADA systems that can assist and make life easier.

Securelink is a secure remote access software package, that we can add to the laptops of your Operators and Engineers.  It allows access to your Abbey Powerlink SCADA Master, not one at a time but several at the same time. 

Just the same as sitting in a control room Operators can:

  • view all the Aspex screens connected to the Powerlink Database back in Council or Lines company offices.
  • acknowledge any Alarms, review trend screens, check on the current status of plants, reservoirs and pump stations, substations, reclosers, voltage regulators, injection controllers and activate any control outputs,

A safer view only version allows users to view the Aspex screens and trends only, but not acknowledge alarms or activate controls.

Additional Securelink add ons allow remote access to Powerlink, the SCADA Telemetry Server software.    

All these products can be supplied and installed remotely.

Contact us to learn more about how Securelink products can help you adjust to the new normal