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Our Three Waters journey to Taumata Arowai

Why ADR? A history of effective water management solutions

For over 100 years, ADR have been proudly providing New Zealand and Australia with cutting edge ‘fieldsmart’ technologies.

New Zealand owned and operated, we work with local councils and water services providers. Together, we implement innovative and cost-effective solutions to measure, monitor and manage data in order to provide insights on water management.

Our offerings range from water meters, leak detection and meter calibration, through to smart meters, IoT/Telemetry, RTU & SCADA systems, data visualisation/management platforms and billing schemes.

With an on-the-ground presence in seven locations around New Zealand, ADR is ideally positioned to provide end-to-end solutions to assist Taumata Arowai in their goals as the regulator of water services for Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Utility Water Solutions

ADR are leaders in the full utility water offering. From meter installation, including traditional hardware, to ultrasonic meters through to smart data, our team have expertise in every part of the water process. Our proprietary software and IoT platforms enable councils to understand their network better, gain insights to improve water sustainability, and provide greater customer service to their end users – all included and made easy in their software.

Our innovative range of water and wastewater technology products and services includes:

  • Meter reading and meter data acquisition
  • Utility and grid solutions
  • Utility and SCADA solutions
  • Utility water equipment
  • Water meter testing and leak detection
  • Water management advisory services
  • Readings to billing software integration

We've gained a reputation for our high-quality products and service. Whatever your council’s budget or scope, ADR can help.

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Control (IoT)

With ADR’s acquisition of the legendary, Abbey Systems, back in 2017 and the recent expansion of our field service capability we have invested heavily to support the ever-increasing need for “Measuring, Monitoring and Managing” in the water sector.

  • With eighteen highly experienced staff based right across New Zealand, from Auckland to Dunedin, the Control (IoT) unit of ADR is unmatched in its ability to deliver world-class telemetry and RTU/SCADA solutions.

  • We offer a suite of end-to-end IoT solutions to address a diverse range of customer driven needs. Site Sentinel from 37South, Captis from Kallipr and the ORB from Senquip are all part of our IoT offering, covering the complete spectrum of applications from simple flow meter monitoring to mobile applications and data flows from network critical devices such as PRV’s, FAC analysers & Flood/Overflow monitors.

  • Whilst Abbey Systems is still fully supported and continues to be supplied today, ADR is increasingly installing a new generation of RTU hardware from Brodersen in Denmark, integrating these with a variety of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) SCADA packages.

  • We prefer to install Brodersen with 4RF IP Radio networks and have considerable in-house RF technology expertise allowing ADR to provide the full range of services from consultancy through to field mapping, product selection/supply and installation & commissioning.

  • Our Field Operations & Delivery Teams and Customer Support Group can provide comprehensive, ad hoc, field & remote support as well as offering Service Level Agreements to support our full range of Control & IoT equipment.
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ADR's Insights enables Utilities and their customers, the functionality to make smart, and informed, decisions for water management. Utilising our SaaS based software, along with our integrated AI engine, our customers gain the benefits from ADR's long history of delivering high quality services and solutions to water utility customers.

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Data collected, and presented, in our smart web portal means water utilities can manage, measure, monitor and ultimately communicate with their customers or make decisions for more timely and focused water management.

Our seamless data supply from water meter through to billing and customer service all in one portal, means less disparate software and more efficiencies for both the water utility and end users through:

  • Real time data
  • Water balancing
  • Water use dashboards
  • Leak detection alarms
  • Live customer interaction

These features built into our software provide greater ability to conserve water and work towards stronger environmental sustainability.

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